A new name…A new me! {Laura Elizabeth Photography | West Michigan Photographer}

Well, it was my New Year resolution for my business to start a blog…Well that was back in January! It is now July and I am just now getting around to it! But hey, it’s still in the same year right! Well by now you have noticed the new name, the new colors and the new logo! I have decided to move forward with my business and up my game! That means that I need to be professional and actually treat this like a business. I knew when I started getting embarrassed about saying LiveLaughLuv Photography was me that it was time to “grow up” and become the image of my business. I am getting married at the end of the month to a man that is social media in tolerate! I knew I wouldn’t want to incorporate my new last name for all to see and I love how my first and middle name flow so there births the new name of my business…Laura Elizabeth Photography. I am in love with it and I feel like this is a great move for where I am headed. So I will be changing my facebook’s name soon and I will be taking down the old images that say LiveLaughLuv besides the favorites. I can’t wait to see where my business is going to go! I have a lot of plans for it! So there you have it! Welcome to the new brand, the new name! I hope you all like what you see! Thank you to my loyal fans for sticking with me through all of my growing pains and changes! Going to be starting a new chapter in my life at the end of the month! Still can’t believe I’m about to be a MRS! So until then keep living, keep laughing and ALWAYS keep loving!


Laura Elizabeth Photography specializes in family, children, high school seniors and wedding photography in Grand Rapids, Michigan and surrounding areas including Greenville, and Lansing. 

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