The weekend, take some time for yourself {Laura Elizabeth Photography | West Michigan Photographer}

Good morning!

It’s Thursday, which means one more day until that flavorful 2 days that we call the weekend. If you are a fellow photographer or self business owner like myself, you know that the weekends do not normally mean the same. Weekends mean, well, they mean work! Working a full time job during the week and working your business at night and the weekends means you are bound to be burnt out soon! I know I am feeling that way! I am editing away on wedding images, senior sessions and even a couple family and maternity sessions! I am working on the computer all day and then coming home to log back onto a computer.

But you know what, that is just part of the job. I have heard a lot of people talk about how photographers have the best job, and we do! But it doesn’t just end with taking your pictures and saying goodbye at the end of the session. That is just the beginning! A lot of work goes into your beautiful portraits! I love pulling up all of those fresh images after a session. I feel like an artist about to paint on her canvas. Sometimes, we take a bit longer on an image to make it just right! We want to see your smile light up the room when you see it! We are proud of our work and I know that I feel like a little puppy waiting to hear what you think of your session!

So this weekend, take some time for yourself. Enjoy the time with your family and friends. Go outside and enjoy the weather, it’s turning Fall here in Michigan, so let’s go on a hayride and have a bonfire! Just enjoy the simple things in life. The work will be there when you get back but don’t let yourself get burned out. Think about extending the time frame you give your customers. Don’t make it unrealistic for yourself and your schedule. That is something that I need to learn! Give a longer lead time so when I am able to deliver in a shorter time, my clients are beaming!

Have a fun weekend everyone! As always, capture those memories!


Laura Elizabeth Photography specializes in family, children, high school seniors and wedding photography in Grand Rapids, Michigan and surrounding areas including Greenville, and Lansing.

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