How I fell in love with wedding photography! {Laura Elizabeths Photography | West Michigan Photographer}

Happy Wednesday!

One week and I already forget that I have a blog! And I think my new glasses are crocked, otherwise the angle of my head is! Excuse me while I tilt my head to see straight!

Well it’s Wednesday, hump day to many, middle of the week, one day closer to the weekend. Today I want to express my pure enjoyment of going to weddings and also shooting weddings. Ever since I was a young girl I always enjoyed going to weddings. I even thought about becoming a wedding planner at one point (which when you shoot a wedding, you literally take the place of the wedding planner, coordinator, stylist and errand person! Win Win situation!) I was one of those girls that had her wedding planned out by the time she was 14 (also, the many different grooms I would have had at any given age!). The plan, colors, location and style changed throughout the years but one thing was certain, I was definitely looking forward to planning my own big day!

Now, fast forward a few years. I knew I loved photography, so I bought a beautiful camera, from K-mart. So expensive ($600) that I put it on lay-away. When I finally got it I thought I was the bomb! That summer my nephew got engaged and his future wife asked me to take their engagement pictures. “Fun”, I thought! I planned for that session for weeks. On the day of the shoot I had a notebook full of ideas, locations and poses. We went to 5 different locations! A four hour session! It was insane! BUT I loved every minute of it and so did they! I edited the pictures to the best of my ability at the time. They are still her favorite pictures to this day! Then she dropped the bomb on me…”Will you take our wedding pictures?”. You know that music that plays at the climax of a scary movie and they flash the picture closer and closer and closer to the subject! Well ya, that was my reaction! “No”. Was my immediate answer. There is no way that I am going to be in charge of shooting a wedding, for a family member, my first time. Being a photographer had not even entered into my mind at this point! All I could think of was those websites that make fun of the worst wedding images out there. Yup, that would have been my images right there at the top.

But after much thinking and warning her that I was not a professional and threatening her if she decided to sue me.. (not really, OK maybe a little bit), I agreed to do their pictures. After a four hour engagement session, how do you think the planning for the wedding pictures went! I was such a major pile of stress by the time the wedding had come! Forget bridezilla, talk about photographerzilla! But the wedding went off without any problems, we were able to get all of the shots that we wanted. The wedding party was great and cooperated and we really just had a fun time. I was absolutely exhausted afterwards and couldn’t move my toes but as I was sitting in our hotel room (the wedding was on a beautiful island in Wisconsin), I realized, I like this, I think I want to do more of this. That was the moment that I decided I wanted to be a photographer when I grew up (I was 23).

Fast forward to almost four years since I took their first engagement pictures. I absolutely LOVE couples sessions, engagement images and especially weddings! A lot of people think I am crazy since I love to shoot weddings, but there is just something about being able to be there when those vows are being made. Those sweet moments when the couple realize, they will be with each other forever and they are making that commitment to each other. Watching the day play out, all of the bride’s and the families hard work all coming together to make it their best day ever. Watching the couple’s young love during the engagement pictures change into that sweet love during the wedding moments. It gives me a high! I am addicted to weddings and capturing those special moments! I will ALWAYS be a wedding photographer. Even if I have to give up all the rest, besides seniors, I LOVE my seniors too! But that’s another post.

So next time you hear about a wedding and you are asked to help, don’t dread it! Embrace it and decide to be the biggest help that you can be to the bride and groom because their day is so worth it! Here are some of the images from my first engagement session and wedding! (Excuse the old watermark)

319988_150326731720430_6221327_n 327902_350086518411116_404999276_o 293090_350058505080584_618341222_n305274_159256437494126_372314923_n312403_153108614775575_1274740_n

Laura Elizabeths Photography specializes in family, children, high school seniors and wedding photography in Grand Rapids, Michigan and surrounding areas including Greenville, and Lansing.

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