That Physical Touch – A Lost Generation { Laura Elizabeths Photography, A West Michigan Photographer }

How many of you have gone through old photo albums and were able to see your grand parents with their parents? Your parents as little kids and then all of your baby pictures with your family. Those memories have been preserved for so many years and you will now be able to show your children those moments in time. Those physical prints that you are able to feel, touch and see mean so much. I read a statement today that really made me think.

The Most Photographed Generation Will Have No Pictures In Ten Years!

We are living in a generation that takes the most photographs ever in our history. We are able to snap a picture of our breakfast, our commute to work, a funny saying that you saw walking on an errand. Snap another picture of lunch, do a selfie mid afternoon. Snap a candid image of you and your friend going to dinner, snap another picture of dinner, then dessert then a fun picture of you and your friend in your pjs doing the duck face! Post to all social media sites available, watch the likes, read the comments…and then what? The photo gets lost in a sea of photos. You get a new phone, the old pictures don’t make their way to the new phone and now the photos are completely gone.

This generation really needs to start working harder at preserving the moments by getting physical, tangible items that you can feel, touch and show people face to face without a screen. I definitely recommend reading this blog, it’s a real eye opener! 

Did you know, most of the new computers are not being made with CD drives? Only USB ports. Do you have old Floppy Disks? VHS? Even DVD’s are going out of style now…Everything is in a digital world with nothing tangible being shown for it. Prints will never go out of style and will forever be with us!

I challenge you all today, start printing out those photos, start making albums of your vacations and birthday parties. Start focusing on what is important and live in the moment!

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