Hiring Cheap? Smart or NOT WORTH IT? { Laura Elizabeths Photography, A West Michigan Photographer }

Everyone is out to save a little money now days, and who can blame them? We all work hard for our money, put long hours in and it still doesn’t seem to pay the bills! But then, that wonderful moment has happened in your life, you got engaged!

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Now it’s time to start preparing for the best day of your life! Unfortunately, this is also when you will see A LOT of your hard earned money go out the window for different vendors that will help make your day perfect.


So how do you decide what to spend more money on for your big day and what you don’t really need to spend the big money on? I got married last July so I have a lot of extra tips for you that we will talk about in other posts, but for this post, I am really going to encourage you to make a commitment on investing in the photographer you pick to capture your day to help preserve your memories forever.

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I stumbled across this great blog by Lauren, who let the money from her budget determine the photographer and now she completely regrets it! Take a look at the blog post here: http://theeverylastdetail.com/i-took-the-cheap-photographer-route/. There are parts of the blog that really make my heart so sad for her. And there are parts that I definitely can see where I struggled as well making the decision for my own wedding. I also hired cheap, I know I know, this blog is speaking to the choir here personally, and I definitely regret it…A lot of the most important images were not even taken and we can’t go back to redo them. It’s very sad really.


So all in all, let me just encourage you. Don’t skimp on the photographer or even the videographer. Invest in someone who knows their stuff, can show you a complete wedding that they have shot or videoed that is consistent throughout the whole wedding. Make sure you have a great connection with them since they really turn into your right hand man on your wedding day! And finally, don’t stress it, yes, it is a lot of money to spend but if you have heard all of the horror stories that I have, then you would know, just go with your heart, hire the photographer that knocks your socks off and you will have nothing to worry about on your big day or the days after.


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